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I am a Professor in the Department of Informatics Engineering within FEUP, and area coordinator at the High Assurance Laboratory (HASLab) within INESC TEC. From 1994 till mid 2021 I was affiliated with the Informatics Department, Universidade do Minho, where I concluded my PhD (2000) and Habilitation/Agregação (2018).

My research interests cover data management in eventual consistent settings, distributed data aggregation and causality tracking. In the last years I have collaborated with my co-authors in the development of data summary mechanisms such as Scalable Bloom Filters, causality tracking for dynamic settings with Interval Tree Clocks and Dotted Version Vectors and in predictable eventual consistency with Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types. My work has been applied in the Riak distributed database, Redis CRDBs, Akka distributed data, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, and is running in production systems serving millions of users worldwide.

Contact: cbm (at)



  • CoronaSurveys - Measuring the magnitude and evolution of the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • LightKone - Lightweight computation for networks at the edge
  • SyncFree - Closing the gap between consistency and availability


Some selected publications:

For a full list of papers check my Google Scholar.


2021/2022 @ FEUP

  • Large Scale Distributed Systems (Sistemas Distribuídos de Larga Escala). Mestrado em Engenharia Informática e Computação.
  • Operating Systems (Sistemas Operativos). Licenciatura em Engenharia Informática e Computação.

2020/2021 @ UMinho


I am contributing to the launch of JSys (Journal of Systems Research) in the editorial board, a diamond open-access journal covering all areas of computer systems research.

PC Member:

PaPoC’20, SRDS’19, SRDS’18, PaPoC’17, DAIS’17, W-PSDS’16, PaPoC’16, DAIS’16, DCOSS’16, W-PSDS’15, DAIS’15, Middleware’15, PaPoC’15 (Co-Chair), DAIS’14, Middleware’14, EuroPar’13.




  • Dagstuhl 19442, Oct 2019. Programming Languages for Distributed Systems and Distributed Data Management.
  • Shonan 149, May 2019. Programming Languages for Distributed Systems.
  • Dagstuhl 18091, Fev 2018. Data Consistency in Distributed Systems: Algorithms, Programs, and Databases.
  • Dagstuhl 13081, Fev 2013. Consistency In Distributed Systems.




  • Broadcast Cancellation in Unstructured Networks. Rui Lima. PhD, 2018.
  • Robust Distributed Data Aggregation. Paulo Jesus . PhD, 2012
  • Causality Tracking in Dynamic Distributed Systems. Victor Fonte . PhD, 2009
  • Information Search in Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems. Nuno Lopes. PhD, 2009

DBLP, Google Scholar, ACM DL, ORCID, Publons, Scopus


  • My Erdős number is 3, some paths are:
    • Karl Henrik Johansson - Béla Bollobás - Paul Erdős
    • Antonio Fernández Anta - Shmuel Zaks - Paul Erdős
    • Martín Farach-Colton - Noga Alon - Paul Erdős
  • My wife Raquel Menezes is Associate Professor in Statistics at the Mathematics Department in Minho University.